As per our Indian tradition, we strongly believe that ‘The teacher is not an instructor or task master, he is a helper and guide. His business is to suggest and not to impose. He does not actually train the pupil’s mind, he only show them how to perfect their instrument of knowledge and helps them and encourage them in their process. He not only imparts knowledge to students, but also shows them where it lies and how it can be habituated to rise up to the surface.’

          D.A.V. Degree College Budhana possess a vision that aims at going beyond the conventional confines of the existing education system. In present scenario we can just not afford to be ignorant if we wish to match steps with the best in the world.

          Thus, a whole new approach and sensibility is required if one is undertaking the responsibility of shaping the life of future’s citizens of the nation. D.A.V. Degree College Budhana stands committed to contribute everything by grooming the future’s citizens of our great nation that they become fit and responsible to emerge as torch of progress to overall superiority.

          I wish you every success in your studies and welcome you to the D.A.V. Degree College Budhana.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant academic ecosystem where faculty and students are united by their enthusiasm for generating, exchanging, and utilizing knowledge to elevate the standard of education. We aspire to create an environment that fosters innovation, curiosity, and collaboration, igniting a passion for lifelong learning. Through this shared dedication, we aim to continuously enhance the quality of education, equipping students with the skills, insights, and perspectives necessary to navigate an evolving world. By embracing creativity, critical thinking, and the application of knowledge, we strive to empower individuals to make a meaningful impact on society and shape a brighter future for all.

Our Mission

D.A.V. Degree College- We board on the task of creating individuals who are confident about their abilities and are goal oriented, sensitive to their environment and above all, co-creators of their own destiny. Our aim is to help children realize their inner power and give them a favorable atmosphere to grow and evolve as a good human being and a global citizen. We aim to provide an academic atmosphere which treats child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential and to provide a variety of learning practices which endorse integrative growth in all areas.


  1. To provide quality education to the students.
  2. To provide a platform to the students to face the challenges of the competitive world with utmost utilization of their potential.
  3. To include discipline among the students in term of sincerity, regularity, punctuality and to develop them into socially responsible citizen.
  4. To inculcate values like self respect, social, equality, national integration, secularism and brotherhood by organizing various activities in the college.
  5. To provide the opportunity of economically affordable and latest higher education to lower middle class and socially backward population of the surrounding region.