Manager Message

                                                                                 Secretary’s Message

D.A.V. Degree College Budhana states its vision to emerge as a centre of high learning to meet the challenges of a global society. Teaching has a history of its own in India. Teacher students relationship called the Guru Shishya Parampara, is most sacred to us. Teachers shape the pillars of society at large. They are mentors and guides to students. Students in their turn have deep respect and faith for them. At D.A.V. Degree College Budhana, we believe in this vedic tradition. We have adopted western education system, but with a classical Indian touch.

          The main aim of our college is to impart high quality education to all the students without any discrimination of caste, gender or religion. In coming years, we are contemplating to add new academic programmes in our campus.

          So, I welcome you all, Pillars of future India to D.A.V. Degree College Budhana, where your hidden caliber will be shaped through our magnificient facilitator sculptor and thus you will be created into masterpieces.

             “Wishing you all the best for your future life.”